Preparatory Department for foreign citizens


Preparatory Department for foreign citizens

         NUFT Pre-University Department was opened in September 2001. Its main assignment is to prepare students for studying in technical, economic, linguistic, medical and musical educational institutions. More than 400 foreign students from 17 countries (China, South Korea, Iraq, Iran, Mongolia, Egypt, Syria, Congo, Guinea,  Montenegro, France, Ecuador, Nigeria, Turkey, Venezuela, New Zealand, Vietnam, Turkmenistan) succeeded to prepare in Ukrainian and Russian, mathematics, physics, chemistry, economics, economic geography, biology, country study and music disciplines. Nowadays they successfully study in different Ukrainian educational institutions, especially in Kyiv.

      Period of study at the Preparatory Department is 10 months (1332 hours) including 720 hours for language training (Ukrainian, Russian). Students are provided with textbooks and other teaching materials.

NUFT admits foreigners and stateless persons who arrived for training and those who permanently reside in Ukraine, and have a document of complete secondary education and for health reasons can study at university and live in the climate of Ukraine

For visa countries to enter Ukraine for training one must be invited to study. (such invitation is granted in the Department of visa support).

Invitations can be taken by an entrant or by a trustee (by proxy).

Power of Attorney is executed at a notary by the entrant in the name of trustee.

Foreign citizens submit to the University originals and pass notarized translation into Russian or Ukrainian of the following documents (note that in all documents there must be the same (up to letters) last name, first name, patronymic):

1. standard personal profile form (issued in the Admission committee).

2. passport and a copy of the notarized translation of the first page (last name, first name,patronymic) in Ukrainian.

3. document (a copy of a notarized translation into Russian or Ukrainian) about complete secondary education with the list of subjects and grades (points) received at the exam.

4. medical certificate confirming the absence of HIV infection and chest X-ray. Without the certificate or if the certificate is not recognized in Ukraine, the foreign entrant shall promptly at his own expense take the blood for the absence of HIV infection.

The document must be issued not later than 2 months before leaving to study in Ukraine.

5. medical certificate of health status (the original and a copy of the notarized translation into Russian or Ukrainian), which confirms the absence of medical contraindications for living and studying in Ukraine certified by an official health authority of the country which the foreign national comes from.

6. birth certificate (a copy translated into Russian or Ukrainian, if there is no Russian text).

7. 3x4 cm photos (10 pcs.).

8. return ticket with an open date to return home for a period of 1 year.

The documents listed in paragraphs 3, 4 and 5 shall be certified in accordance with the laws of the issuing country, and legalized in the established procedure(consular legalization or apostille).

Foreign citizens are admitted to the preparatory department on the basis of signed contracts.Groups are formed from September to November.

For more information, contact the Department to provide visa support
(9 00 - 17 00 ): Room B-207, 68, Volodymyrska str., Kyiv, Ukraine. Tel.: +38 044 287-96-93 Fax: + 38 044 289-02-12, E-mail:




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